Born in 1970. 

Pushing boundaries ever since.

Jason Oliva is a full time painter living and working in New York City. His works largely concentrate on the ‘singular’ – an animal, a flower, a building, an object – where the noise of a detailed background or other subject matter has been removed.

I like to leave room for the viewer and prefer not to attach images to a higher power, place or time. I prefer the painting to be about one ‘thing’ …. its a restraint, or constraint or a rule, let’s say, and within those boundaries the image takes on a different or greater meaning, even’.


Blurring the line
between rare
originals and
and affordable reprints.

Alongside his works on canvas, Jason has re-created a large number of his paintings as limited edition works on paper, all of which are individually hand-painted on Arches paper, then numbered and signed by Jason.

Jason produces his works on paper in three different sizes and — in a few cases — in a variety of colors that stray from the original. But all quantities are limited. 


A collection as unique as the orignal.

Keeping within the artist as jeweler tradition, Jason has re-imagined and produced a selection of his painting images as silver and gold fine jewelry.

And in 2011, in collaboration with NYC based art fabricator Karen Atta, Jason produced his first sculpture Lion.

In addition to metalwork, Jason's [Collection] also includes limited edition apparel, coloring books, and lapel pins.

You can shop the full collection on Etsy.


A shift in product.
A parallel passion.

Inspired by the concept of ‘Artist Wine Labels’, Jason founded Jason Oliva [Wine] in 2010, an ongoing collaboration with South African wine maker Dirk Roos.

Through the production of a yearly,  limited-edition exclusive wine from Stellenbosch, South Africa, Jason is able to showcase his artwork in the form of a visually arresting wine label, inspired by one of his paintings. Each vintage of wine is a unique Bordeaux style blend  and every bottle is hand signed and numbered by Jason.

Jason’s work can be found in public and private collections worldwide.

If you are interested in any of Jason’s paintings, works on paper, sculpture, jewelry or wine, please contact him at: